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Idea to MVP involves three critical functions

We do the heavy-lifting, non-scalable work to ensure all three functions execute effortlessly

Tuade content planning


We help you thrash out the idea. Activities involve identifying, defining & prioritizing hypothesis. Expect to touch all aspects of your idea including competition, positioning, target-segment, market channels and more

Product Discovery

Tuade development


We design and build a prototype that you'll put infront of your target audience. Deliverables range from clickable UX prototype to a fully functioning app. An iterative approach inspired by the build-measure-learn principle

Application Development

Tuade content distribution


We help you get those early adopters. A focused approach where we identify specific target segments and bring them to your minimum viable product. It also entails feedback, discussions & follow-up engagement

Product Marketing

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Client Testimonials

Client purva gupta lilystyle
Purva Gupta
Cofounder and CEO at

The team at Research Endeavors were the first coders on They built version 1 of the application and supported me through its many iterations. The remarkable thing is that they intuitively understood how to launch an application and that reduced our time to market significantly
Client james myers
James Myers
Founder and CEO at FP&A Strategy

Research Endeavors helped us build and pilot a data analytics and visualization tool. I left a lot of the technical and design decisions on them, while I went about doing sales and customer development. This helped us get sufficient customer interest and hit the ground running.

Principles we espouse

Depth from research

Launching a product is making a million decisions. Do the research, Ask the questions, Validate your hypothesis

Experienced Pros

We are technical product managers. We've built and launched several products and applications; for clients and ourselves. You can count on us sharing our experiences and our learnings

Build it for scale

We build products & prototypes on scalable technology stacks. This means your code scales as your business does

Process meets creativity

Our structured approach and defined processes helps us conquer deadlines and accomplish more every day

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