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We are a small, highly experienced team of developers focused on Ruby-On-Rails development

Agile Development

We typically work in 14 days sprints giving product owners flexibility to iteratively prioritize the most critical features


We believe in keeping it simple and robust. That means, we use tried and tested frameworks and tools that work out of the box. Be it bootstrap for front-end UX or git for version control; our choice of tools keep the surprises (and the shocks) out

Build it for scale

Scalability is at the core of our design, build & test process. And it goes beyond technical design and architecture; it even boils down to using technologies where we can scale up the teams easily

Code for readability

Explain it to me like I am a five year old. Iconic lines by Denzel Washington in 'Philadelphia' find their influence on our coding practice as well.

Our other product launch services


We help you thrash out the idea. Activities involve identifying, defining & prioritizing hypothesis. Expect to touch all aspects of your idea including competition, positioning, target-segment, market channels and more

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Launch Marketing

We help you get those early adopters. A focused approach where we identify specific target segments and bring them to your minimum viable product. It also entails feedback, discussions & follow-up engagement

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