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Idea Research & Validation

This is where we help you do your homework. We take a structured approach to defining the idea and creating a business model out of it.

Customer Interviews

Every startup is essentially operating with significant uncertainty. What's the problem we are solving? Who really is the customer? Will the customer pay? How much? The customer interviews process starts with you writing down your hypothesis and assumptions. It proceeds through to talking & engaging with potential customers and finaly ends with you getting a validated / invalidated set of hypothesis

Competition Analysis

What other solutions exist to the problem you are solving? What engagement models does your competition provide? What is the user experience like? Which target segment do they dominate? We provide answers to key questions you need to know about your competition

Market Sizing

How big is the market opportunity for you? We find the numbers that'll help you make an informed decision. And hey! Did we tell you that your first research report is completely free

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Programmers for hire

Hire our coders to develop your application. Be it mobile and web applications, chat bots, building on top of 3rd party services; we get the proof of concept done and completed

Hire a Rails programmer

We've been coding in RubyOnRails since 2009. We are a focused group who've really honed their ruby skills. Extend your development team with one of our developers or simply lets us build and deliver

React & Mobile application developers

React is our javascript platform of choice for building frontends. Talk to us if you require React gurus who've done it repeatedly

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Launch Marketing

A combination of search-engine marketing (Google and Facebook advertising), Content marketing and social media engagement to drive those early adopters to your website. After all, we need them to tell us what's working and what's not

Lead Generation

We use multiple marketing channels to get you those early adopters. What's more, we help you engage with them to get feedback and referrals. By the end of it, you'll have a robust set of collatarals and assets that'll continue to fill your funnel

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