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We are the crazy ones. The misfits, the ones who see things differently

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Our story is not that of a Eureka moment or a single flash of insight that magically transforms mediocrity into genius. Its about the tremendous importance of showing up — of good old-fashioned hard work — of the sheer human qualities of love, stubbornness & the desire to make a difference

Our Values

How do we as a company, ensure we don't take conflicting decisions? What is our moral compass that we refer to when deliberating?

We are guided by these values.

  • Work with customers you expect to delight
  • Unwavering Honesty, Integrity & Objectivity
  • Data Driven Decisions
  • First functional, then fast, then pretty
  • Nurture people


Writing Ruby On Rails Code

61320+ hours

Longest running project

43800+ hours

Candidates interviewed per hire




The leadership

Re ceo vikram bahl
Vikram Bahl
Product & Technology

Our original resolver takes care of product and technology. He codes, does accounting, writes a blog and is responsible for overall business strategy

Re sales head raman bakshi
Ramandeep Singh Bakshi
Account Management & Sales

Raman is obsessive compulsive about exceeding customers' expectations. Quite a geek, he has probably tried & tested every marketing and sales automation tool out there

Re creative director saumya varma
Saumya Varma
Marketing & Communications

The expert marketer leads our marketing services & delivery. With oodles of experience in digital content marketing, she is the goto person on how to build engagement through content

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