Featured Case Study: Website Redesign

How we redesigned a website into a pouring sales funnel

  • Reduced bounce rates from 55%+ to ~10%
  • Tripled pages per visit
  • Defined personas and buyer stages for clear call-to-actions
  • Effective on-page & off-page SEO to increase visitors

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Ruby On Rails Application Development

We don't do a hundred things, but we do RubyOnRails development really really well.

  • Full Stack Ruby on Rails Development
  • Build APIs & web-hooks for applications
  • Performance Optimization
    Rails Caching | MySQL database optimization | Server Side scripts
  • Application Architecture
    Mongo DB or MySQL? Aurelia or React? Build or Buy?

Minimum Viable Product

From idea to validation in 21 days flat

Programmer on Tap

Think of us as your extended team


Sales & Marketing Automation

Sales & marketing in the digital world require digital tools and digital strategies. We help you build and implement digital assets that help you close more leads.

  • 3rd Party solutions implementation
  • Website Redesign
  • Website strategy & On Page SEO
    Converting visitors into orders
  • Engagement Metrics and Analytics
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